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20 Elisha died and was buried. At the time, bands of Moabites used to raid the land each year.
21 Once some people were burying a man, when suddenly they spied such a raiding band. So they cast the dead man into the grave of Elisha, and everyone went off. But when the man came in contact with the bones of Elisha, he came back to life and rose to his feet.
22 King Hazael of Aram oppressed Israel during the entire reign of Jehoahaz.
23 But the LORD was merciful with Israel and looked on them with compassion because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He was unwilling to destroy them or to cast them out from his presence.
24 So when King Hazael of Aram died and his son Ben-hadad succeeded him as king,
25 Joash, son of Jehoahaz, took back from Ben-hadad, son of Hazael, the cities which Hazael had taken in battle from his father Jehoahaz. Joash defeated Ben-hadad three times, and thus recovered the cities of Israel.
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